Pre-wedding shots!

So SBH complained that there is a lack of updates on my blog on our last meetup and I forgot what was my last post. So hmm, that is a sign of how long I’ve MIA-ed.

Today’s post will be on pre-wedding shots. I’ve initially planned to write all that I’ve missed out but this post is huge enough to stand on its own.

There’s this “left luggage” service at Changi Airport which is really, really awesome!

We were attending a dinner on the same day of our flight so we had to deposit the luggage somewhere where we can go to the airport directly after our dinner.

I forgot what time we’re flying to Taiwan for our pre-wedding shots, but the timing was kinda insane? 😛

Simon walking towards the counter to grab our luggage 🙂


Let’s take a photo before we fly~ This was taken at 11:44PM, I would have imagined that our flight is at 1am-ish?


I think we arrived at 5am at Taiwan. OMG, I didn’t sleep well at all in the plane 😦 How am I going to take wedding photos with these panda eyes?

We then took a bus to Taizhong, the destination to take the photos and the bridal studio’s location. Luckily, the bus journey was awesome for sleeping and the chairs were so comforting 🙂


We’re meeting the wedding bridal coordinator at a local McDonald’s a few hours later, so we need to stay awake for a few more hours 😐

I like how Taiwan McDonald’s treat Corn Soup as a type of beverage and it doesn’t comes with extra charge. I think their Hot Chocolate doesn’t comes with extra charge as well. Whee! 😀

The muffin with vegetables is a bit sad according to Simon. In other words, not that nice ;(



So we arrived at our bridal studio, La Fatte! And they served us lunch, hmm yummy!


Say hello to Simon who is trying out his suit! No photos allowed for my gowns though 😮


After a tiring day of making many decisions in a single day, i.e. where to take photos, itinerary for tomorrow, styles that we like, gowns to choose, we went to check in to our hotel which is somewhere near the bridal studio (walk-able distance).

P.S. Would like to commend La Fatte for their professionalism and good service when we were there 🙂

I totally adore the night markets at Taiwan and can’t wait to get my hands on the fried chicken chop and fried mushrooms…!


Free tasting? Yummy! I love pineapple tarts and we bought 3 boxes from the cat shop. They even served us tea when we were there 🙂



營業時間:日~四10:30~23:30 / 五六10:30~24:00

We bought some other stuff but were aware that photo taking will last an entire day tomorrow, so we had to return to our hotel early that night.

We had dinner at a nearby dumplings noodles stall.

The next day is here! And I’ve dressed for the occasion (button-down shirt so that I can change my clothes without touching my face with makeup / hairdo). Say hello to my shoes, this is the pair which I was wearing for the entire day because heels are painful.


Tip for brides who are taking photos: Wear a button-down shirt which is comfortable as you do not need to wear your gown (super-bulky and warm) while putting on makeup 😛

Breakfast @ the hotel. This is the western menu 😮 I like the bun and fries.


Say hello to the SZB, which is me and say hello to my droopy eyes. I recalled having a flu on the morning and it was affecting my makeup (quite badly). Poor MUA had to redo my makeup as I was sneezing 5 times/minute lol. Thankfully, she’s very nice and professional. So I survived the makeup part, thank you!


We decided to re-arrange the itinerary on the day itself and it proved to a be a correct choice. We started with indoor shots which I love so much haha!

My friends were teasing me that the shots doesn’t look like Taiwan because it was all indoor shots lol. Never mind, as long as I like them 😉

Super nice right. Of course credits to the photographer, MUA, assistant and people who edited the photos.

This was my first gown and hair-do:


My stylist changed the look and hairdo for every gown that we change into. They were very attentive to details and professional.

Our second set at some mountains 大肚山 with trees. Again, this looks like any green fields in Singapore lol.


Our third set at Lover’s lake 情人湖:


Our fourth set at a place with lots of flowers (花市). Sorry, I can’t recall the name of the place 😦 But I think there’s admission charges to go there. So nice right *_*


Heh, photos are awesome for memories! There you go, the name of the place:


Finally! Our last set… The bold red gown 😮

We sit in this van which takes us around, so hello from the van! Gothic look for me 😛


And no, the train is not coming. I can vaguely recall that the assistant was asked to turn on the torch light behind us. So I assume that the light is from her 😮 Interesting concept of taking photos hor…

This photo got so much “feels”, heh!


Which gown do you like best? 🙂

Ok, back to the most feared part of taking wedding photos. Photos selection 😐

This takes place on the third day. As we’re on a tight budget due to big purchases upcoming – house + wedding banquet, we did the minimal package. I was feeling bad to the staff at the bridal studio, but they were really professional about it. Nevertheless, would like to thank them again for our awesome photos because we looked amazing in them. :’) Their after-service was awesome too.

Thanks Simon for this overseas photo taking experience<3

Ok, to continue with our journey to the fried foods. The highly anticipated fried mushrooms! We ordered the biggest size one -pokes the container on the right-


Unfortunately, I think the mushrooms were a bit salty and the quantity was too much. Nevertheless, it was still nice :X

We bought other food too in the night market:




Then it’s the next day! Breakfast again, chinese menu:


As we’re done with the photo taking, we are off to explore other parts of Taiwan on our own 🙂

You can grab this from the local convenience stores 😛


We went to a local university. The taxi uncle who drove us last night recommended this place – Taiwanese are really friendly 😀



Then we went back to SOGO for our lunch and dinner, had a fun time shopping there 😛

And dinner, I love dim sum!

The next day? We were exploring a park nearby while waiting for our bus to Qing Jing Farm 😮

Lazy to post descriptions for each photo, so here’s a mosaic:

Then we had dinner. OMGEE, this meal is really nice 🙂

Then we went for movies! Kungfu Panda 3 😀

It’s time to checkout soon from Taizhong but we had to queue for the famous breakfast first 😛


Then we went to Taiwan for 1 night stay before flying back to SG~

Back to SG with these bags lol! Luckily, we didn’t exceed the weight limit 😛


Thank you to Simon for this wonderful pre-wedding trip 😛




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