Hello from Hiatus!

Heyos! Been so long since I blogged. Man, I think the pressure cooker is running a little high recently at work. I need a place to release stress, so here am I, ranting 😐 I think there will be more posts coming up lol.

I find it increasingly difficult to make certain decisions at this point, especially when time is running out.

Nobody said it was easy. – Coldplay, The Scientist

Heh, so I’m listening to that and it was so apt for my current situation.

Again, I am appreciative of the support that I get from my awesome team :’) Thank you so much although I don’t show it. Thank you for the “no negative feelings” conversations. I should show more positive emotions and treasure the times that we have together.

So we’re running out of time to re-design a major feature for our program. It was challenging to convince my team and users (biggest challenge is to convince myself cos I am stubborn sometimes) that this will be the minimal viable product to be launched.

Why do I find it so hard to convince myself? I’m guessing it could be due to past experience when my guts shouted something ain’t right but we went ahead and the results are disappointing. But I have to admit that sometimes the results don’t turn out that bad either. It’s also a bad habit of being an idealist in a world with many other realistic considerations.

I appreciated how my PM takes the time to explain what I want couldn’t be achieved given the circumstances and constraints that we have. Reflecting about what she said today, I think I understand now. She didn’t stop me from dreaming of possible solutions though, but the timing is just not right now.

I do hope future generations engineers supporting this system will understand too, just like how hard I am trying to understand why some legacy systems are designed in a certain way.

Concluding thoughts: When designing a new system based on a legacy system, it’ll be great if you can put on the thinking hats of the people who came before you. To me, there are gems hidden in the history. While we should challenge the existing processes which can be made better and more efficient, we should respect and take time to understand why things are the way they are. This might ultimately remove unnecessary road-blocks along the way.

Wish us luck for the path to launch! We can start counting down now… Fighting!


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