Um… Reflection on a Tuesday night?

As I have nothing to do now, except to sleep, let me reflect on my thoughts for a while, short one I promise 🙂 I find it fulfilling to resolve people-related issues and I’m still learning bit by bit (not bytes 😛 hee hee), day by day. Although I’ve read books and attended courses on how to manage conflict, it’s still fuzzy to me on how do we really apply what we’ve learnt to real-life situations.

The experience that I’ve got recently at work is awesome because I drive people nuts. Okay, you caught me there. I’m exaggerating. I find myself stepping on people’s tails more often than not recently cos I’m yolo-ing. Why I like to exaggerate so much sia?! 😯 Some issues get more complex at a different level because you deal with emotions, accountability, responsibilities and well, just more “people” aka people issues.

Argh, let’s just cut the crap and summarize this to you (you includes future me): When faced with a issue, and dealing with people whom you don’t feel exactly comfortable with, it’s especially important to focus on the SOLUTIONS instead of “what went wrong”. Really, think win-win. And while thinking of the options to resolve an issue, it’ll be good if you come armed with information, e.g. the costs and consequences of each option.

I caught myself rewinding in this circle of “what went wrong” and it was a negative spiral downwards. The interaction did not achieve a common goal and understanding, and both parties were left exhausted trying to explain their point of view. I realized this later and after getting agitated (reminder to self: if one explanation doesn’t work, try another and not just repeat the same one cos it will still not work), and thankfully, it took the right turn before things worsen. I hope that the next time when there’s a same-same but different issue occurs, I can focus on solving the problem and moving forward.

That’s all I wanna share for now. To end off, I look forward to changes and new challenges in work in the upcoming October 😀 Cheers!


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