Hello there! I am so glad that you are interested to know about me or to understand me at a deeper level through my blog.

The key reason for this blog is for me to reflect on things and to share about what’s happening in my life. I set up this blog in 2010 and it is a record for my experiences – both good and bad 🙂

So… Who am I? You should probably know by now that I’m ZZ! I am currently still a student and I major in Computing. Unlike the lost ZZ who said something about not knowing where she’ll end up after her studies a few years back, I do have a rough idea of what I am going to be now.

I live with my family of five in a simple house. (together with all my toys and gadgets) I love them very much but teehee, to-be-honest, I might rant about them sometimes, but still… Deep in my heart, I know I love them 😉

Next I’ll talk about my hobbies? I enjoy potato couching, reading, playing games (I LOVE NEOPETS!), and maybe walking slightly faster (jogging, but my speed is equivalent to walking. yeah, only when I’m feeling “unlazy”). I like designing random stuff and doodling as well!~

Finally, I am lucky to have tons of friends with me throughout my life journey. I appreciate all my friends and hope that we would keep in touch even though we have grown up! 😀

Last updated: March 2013


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